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Pacific Asset Management – Webcast

29 November 2018

November Webcast Replay
With the PAM Investment Management Teams

With the current market environment causing uncertainty and testing investors’ nerves, Pacific Asset Management invited clients to listen and take part in the Pacific Weekly Investment Meeting. Matthew Lamb (CEO), was joined by Will Bartleet CIO / Portfolio Manager of Pacific’s range of multi-asset solutions and by our Emerging Markets and G10 Macro rates fund teams. 

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Emerging Market Viewpoints – November

26 November 2018

Latest Emerging Market Viewpoints
From Matt Linsey and the North of South Capital team

As 2018 draws to a close it is easy to forget that Emerging Markets were outperforming their developed counterparts only last year. This has now largely been reversed and brings us back to where we were in 2016 in relative terms. The MSCI Emerging market index remains at least 30% cheaper than the S&P on most measures. 

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Building Trust & Delivering Value – With ITN and The Investment Association

21 November 2018

Pacific Asset Management was recently invited by The Investment Association (IA) to produce a short film with ITN for the ‘Building Trust and Delivering Value’ series.  The film highlights the effects of the industrialisation of the Asset Management industry and is being launched at The IA's Stewardship and Governance Conference on the 22nd November 2018. 

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G10 Macro Rates Blog – Beta is everywhere - Pure Alpha is hard to find

15 November 2018

Latest G10 Macro Rates Blog
With Shayne Dunlap, Co-Portfolio Manager

One of the biggest side effects of $14 trn of QE/Balance sheet expansion by the Fed/BoE/ECB and BoJ since the GFC, has been asset price inflation. This has created immense wealth for the lucky people who were long assets in various forms, such as housing or equities. Invariably this has increased the wealth divide to extreme levels and a generation of asset winners who believe it was their investing genius that acquired this wealth, when largely it was just a by-product of public policy. Not only those lucky individuals, but a large proportion of the investment industry may have fallen for the same self-deception. The fact is the lowering of central bank rates on inflation targeting and QE programs, has allowed the UST 10Y (and many other key government bonds) to rally since 1981. 

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