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Emerging Markets Webcast

30 April 2019

Emerging Markets Webcast with North of South Capital
The Danger of the Monetary Illusion

Kamil Dimmich, Co-manager and Partner of North of South Capital was recently asked by Brooks MacDonald to participate in their latest webcast.

Kamil discusses the Monetary Illusion, a term made famous by John Maynard Keynes which describes the tendency of investors to fixate on higher nominal returns rather than focus on real returns. He explains why this is particularly true in some emerging markets and how it is possible to ensure you don’t fall foul of this common investor trap. 

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G10 Macro Rates Blog – The evolution of discontent

10 April 2019

Latest G10 Macro Rates Blog
With Shayne Dunlap, Co-Portfolio Manager

With developed markets exhibiting the lowest unemployment levels in generations, why are their workforces not happier?
Over the last two decades the force of globalisation has pushed much of the worlds manufacturing and heavy industry to lower cost base economies into emerging markets (EM). This flow has resulted in many millions of EM workers being dragged out of poverty. That is a global success story that we should long remember and celebrate! Additionally, the populations of the developed market (DM) economies have directly benefited with the resulting access to cheaper goods and products – yet they are not happy! Even with many unemployment levels in the DM world hovering around multi year lows, this would seem to be at odds to the reality of discontent. 

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International Adviser, 2019 Guide to Multi-Asset

02 April 2019

Freddie Streeter, Sales Director - Pacific Asset Management
The Alpha Project

Pacific Asset Management is very glad to be part of the 2019 International Adviser Guide to Multi-Asset. The guide is designed to help advisers assess some of the options available within multi-asset and better understand some of the benefits of multi-asset investment strategies. 

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