Why work at Pacific?


A culture built on transparency and integrity. As a boutique, we avoid the bureacracy of big organisations.

We provide our clients with the information they require to understand and inform their investment decisions. Accordingly, our team have a clear understanding of our philiosophy and key objectives.


Members of our team bring different specialist skills and we leverage upon these individually and as a team.

Experience and intellectual firepower add significant value to our business, however we reward our team based on results. Individual merit creates value, yet the synergies borne out of collaboration are what really drives our business forward.


We keep our management structures flat with a culture built on trust and teamwork and in the knowledge that we share in our collective success. 

We are able to take decisions efficiently and encourage our team to be creative and analytical in improving how we operate.


Opportunities at Pacific


With a depth of expertise and varied skillset across asset classes, our operations team are integral to the success of our business.

With careers spent at leading investment houses, our operations team have a direct impact on the profitability of our funds through streamlining processes and maximising cost efficiencies.


Risk and Technology

Designing and implementing a first class infrastructure requires precision and rigour. Our team marries technological innovation with experience and interpretation.

A passion for understanding risk and technology allows our team to build systems that are not available off the shelf

Marketing and Investor Relations

Clients are our priority and providing first class service requires a thorough understanding of our clients’ objectives. Investors should feel that they have a direct point of contact whenever they need it, with the ability to talk to someone who has the visibility and acumen to serve their needs.

As front of house, our sales and investors relations team represent our business each and every day.

Investment Management

Investment management is our core competency. As a boutique, we strive to deliver a focused selection of investment funds across long-only and absolute return strategies. Our goal is to be the best in everything that we do.

Only the very best fund managers have proven to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over multiple cycles. Our existing managers each have track records in excess of 20-years.