Sustainable Multi-Asset Fund Range

Helping clients meet their investment goals in a sustainable way.

Investing to make a difference

Many investors today are concerned about the nature of their investments and the environmental or ethical record of the companies involved.

Many also want to invest in companies helping to solve the world’s challenges but they cannot afford to compromise on returns or risk. The PAM Multi-Asset Sustainable range consists of four risk targeted multi-asset portfolios designed for those investors who seek to grow the value of their capital but wish to ensure that strict environmental, social, governance (ESG) principles are applied to the underlying choice of the investments.

Outstanding record of sustainable investing

The portfolios are managed by the highly experienced PAM Multi-Asset solutions team who have an outstanding track record of sustainable multi-asset investing, dating back to 2012.

The team has 50+ years combined industry experience across sustainable multi-asset, equities, fixed income, absolute return and alternative risk premia strategies.


Years Combined
Industry Experience

Truly Multi-Asset, Genuinely Sustainable

Within the Sustainable portfolios, the team aim to achieve two goals:


Create diversified, truly multi-asset products that can deliver returns for clients


Implement everything within the portfolios in a truly sustainable manner

We believe that these two goals are not mutually exclusive and we can build portfolios with long-term return potential that provide true diversification but still meet stringent sustainable criteria.

Sustainable Multi-Asset Range

Designed to accommodate a range of client risk appetites and returns expectations.

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Holdings and allocation are subject to change.

Limited exposure
to the equity market
Full exposure
to the equity market
Limited exposure
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Full exposure
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Investment philosophy

How do we create a genuinely sustainable portfolio?


Active Optimisation & construction


Selection and exclusion


Monitoring and risk management


Alongside the team’s rigorous process to select and identify key attributes including performance and risk management, they use two globally recognised frameworks to assess the sustainability credentials of the underlying investments.

Global Sustainable Investment Alliance

The GSIA is globally recognised framework which classifies the universe of sustainable products against a range of sustainable targets. This allows the team to define the nature of our sustainable implementation in the following formats and calculate the percentage of the portfolio covered by a sustainable target.

Sustainable Themes

Negative Screening

The exclusion of sectors, companies or practices based on specific criteria.

Positive Screening

Investments selected for positive ESG performance relative to peers.

Stewardship & Voting

Use of shareholder power to influence corporate behaviour.

Sustainable Themes

Investment in themes related to sustainability issues.

Impact Investing

Investment with the intention to generate social and environmental impact.

ESG Integration

The explicit inclusion of ESG factors into financial analysis.

Norms-based screening

Screening of investments against minimum standards of business practice.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. We map our portfolios to real world change which is vital to the future for a peaceful, more equitable world.

Why Invest?

Sustainable solutions designed to accommodate a range of client risk appetites and returns expectations

Helping clients meet their investment goals whilst abiding by strict environmental, social, governance (ESG) principles

Outstanding track record of sustainable multi-asset investing with highly experienced investment team

Highly diversified, truly multi-asset products investing across multiple asset classes

Established and disciplined investment process focusing on the sustainability credentials of all the underlying investments

Blended modern investment approach, accessing investments via active, passive and factor strategies

From the team

Sustainability is a fast moving landscape with a multitude of options available to investors. At PAM we want to reflect the best of these ideas whilst ensuring portfolios remain suitable to their risk objectives. The entrepreneurial nature of Pacific Asset Management and the huge support available to the investment managers allows us to deliver truly multi-asset sustainable products.

– Will Thompson, Portfolio Manager

Portfolio managers

Will Bartleet

Chief Investment Officer

Will is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager of Pacific’s range of multi-asset funds. Prior to joining Pacific, he worked at HSBC Asset management for 17 years, most recently as Portfolio Manager of a $5bn range of multi-asset funds. He was also the Chairman of their Tactical Asset Allocation Committee, responsible for the tactical positioning of HSBC’s $30bn wealth business.

Will Thompson

Chief Sustainability Officer

Will Thompson is CSO and Portfolio Manager for PAM’s Sustainable Multi-Asset Solutions and part of the Multi-Asset Investment team. Prior to joining PAM in 2020, Will was a Senior Portfolio Manager in the UK Multi-Asset team within HSBC AMG. Will was responsible for running the World Selection, Global Strategy and Multi-Asset Sustainable fund ranges with total AUM of $14bn. Will holds a BA (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Durham University and is a CFA Charterholder.

Lou Cucciniello

Head of Diversifying Assets and co-manager of Risk Premia

Louis is Head of Diversifying Assets at Pacific. Prior to joining in 2016, Louis worked at Deutsche Bank for 10 years, most recently as the Managing Director and the Global Head of Multi- Asset Trading where he created, traded and managed over $5bn of risk premia strategies. In this role, Louis and his team developed and managed quantitative alternative investments.

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